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NBA 2k12, Paul Mokeski, R. Kelly And Other D-League Things To Think About

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If all of you are anything like me, you're probably slowly easing into R. Kelly mode. No, not that kind of Kells mode, but the kind where it's the freakin' weekend and you're about to have you some fun. Before that happens, however, let's get all caught up with the latest around the D-League.

First and foremost, Paul Mokeski has been named the head coach of the Reno Bighorns. It's been a long time coming, honestly, and I'm glad the grind has paid off for the man who once had this image photoshopped in his honor. Small tidbit I forgot to mention in yesterday's story is that three different versions of Coach Mokeski will be featured in the upcoming NBA 2k12 video game.

That's right! Mokeski will be featured as a member of the 1984-85 Milwaukee Bucks alongside Sidney Moncrief and Mike Dunleavy), the 1989-90 Cleveland Cavaliers alongside Mark Price and Brad Daugherty and the 1990-91 Golden State Warriors, also featuring the Run TMC trio of Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullins.

Speaking of NBA 2k12, by the way, I did a quick commentary over at the mothership this morning about why the game looks to be spectacular.

New Springfield Armor head coach Bob MacKinnon talked at length with NiuBBall regarding Coach Mac spending last season in China.  It's definitely worth a read -- and will be a good supplement to the interview I have planned with him coming early next week.

The Cleveland Cavaliers D-League team doesn't have a coach, or a name, or anything else one would think a team might have on the eve of October. It does have a Community Center as its training facility, however.

Last, but not least, I've got some news coming shortly regarding the 2011 Pan-Am Games, specifically the D-League players appearing on Team USA's roster.