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Joey Dorsey Recalled to the Rockets

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Just when I was starting to not loathe the big fella, Daryl Morey goes and recalls Joey Dorsey back to the Rockets.  Dorsey had been with the Rio Grande Valley Vipers since training camp and averaged an inconsistent 14.9 and 13.3 boards, shooting an impressive 65% from the field and an atrocious 50% from the free-throw line.

As far as they made the decision to bring him back to Houston, Morey told the Houston Chronicle "We're going into a stretch with a lot of strong rebounders, so having another big body could be important for us."

Looking at the schedule, their next three games are at home with Minnesota, Miami and Milwaukee.  According to Hoopsdata, Minnesota is 12th in the league in total rebounding rate, followed by Miami at 19 and Milwaukee at 25th, so I read into this a bit further than I probably needed to and decided that he probably isn't calling him up just because they needed a better rebounder, but that they just wanted to see him play.

With the Tracy McGrady situation looming, they're probably deciding if they want to include him in that trade package.  That, or they just want to see how well this whole hybrid affiliation is working out.

As an aside, it'll be interesting to see if they decide to assign Jermaine Taylor to the Vipers soon.  He hasn't played since January 2nd and with Budinger back and healthy, he isn't really needed.

As a second aside, I made a typo earlier and accidentally typed Drosey, which reminded me of Duke "The Dumpster" Droese. That guy was awesome!