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Celtics' J.R. Giddens Assigned to Maine Red Claws

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This is a photo of <a href="">J.R. Giddens</a>. It was not the original photo.
This is a photo of J.R. Giddens. It was not the original photo.

J.R. Giddens, via the Boston Celtics, was assigned to the Red Claws today.

Looking at the comments on CelticsBlog (I wish we could get comments like that), they seem to really be upset happy ecstatic pissed unaffected by this news.  And I understand why.

Much like the Joe Alexander assignment from yesterday, this is in no way benefiting the Celtics of the future, since they've already turned down Giddens option for next season.

As far as I can tell, this means he'll probably be with the Red Claws for the rest of the season, as essentially a late Christmas gift for Austin Ainge from pops Danny.

Currently the Red Claws roster includes fellow cusp-of-the-NBA wingman Trey Gilder, so it'll be interesting to see how Maine divides the playing time at the three.  I guess they could play him at the two in place of the struggling Billy Thomas as well, but it'll be interesting either way.  The option?  This may explain, however, the Russell Robinson for Trey Gilder rumor I had heard about the other day.