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Last Night in the Preseason

I know, I know, a bunch of guys got cut yesterday and you want me to talk about it.  Well we have a weekly feature for that, remember?  I'll get to it on Monday, and hopefully with some more thought into what I write than if I tried to do it piecemeal.  But you haven't even complained, so why am I defending myself.  Besides, they played some games last night!

New York Knicks 94, New Jersey Nets 92

Chris Hunter didn't play much early on in the preseason but he's getting a little more time now, I'm just not sure he's making the most of it.  Almost nine minutes last night and he shot 1-3, for four points (he made both of his free throws).  He had a block, but he also had one of his own rejected and had zero rebounds.  Hunter's very talented who I think could do well in D'Antoni's system, but time's running out.

Miami Heat 99, Memphis Grizzlies 93

Hamed Haddadi played four and a half rebounds and grabbed three rebounds, because that's what he does.  And not reall - alright, I think I've done that bit enough.  The Heat elected to give Carlos Arroyo all of the backup PG minutes again while both John Lucas and Chris Quinn sat.  I have no idea what that means for Quinn, but it can't be good for Lucas, which is unfortunate.

Boston Celtics 96, Cleveland Cavaliers 82

Alright, so J.R. Giddens isn't a rebounding monster that will devour us all, as he grabbed just two in 19 and a half minutes.  He didn't even score any points to make up for it, and really I have no idea what his next move is.  I doubt the Celtics keep him on, and while he did pretty well in the D-League, that doesn't seem to be the option of choice these days.  But then again he doesn't really have the outside game to hang in Europe or Asia.  Midge, help me out here.  Also, I'm choosing to believe that Jawad Williams didn't play the last few games because the team knows it's keeping him and they want to see what other guys can do.  Yep, that's what I think.  La la la la, I can't hear you, la la la la la.