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No Biedrins? No Biggie. Former D-Leaguer Anthony Tolliver To The Rescue!

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In last night's Golden State Warriors game, Andris Biedrins went out with a groin injury, ending his night with just 15 minutes of playing time.

No worries.  Former D-League call-up Anthony Tolliver came in off the bench to play 42 minutes.  How'd he do in those 42 minutes? 19 points, 14 boards, five assists and a steal.  He even hit 3-of-6 from 3-point range, single-handedly proving that I'm not an idiot when he remembered that he's not a terrible 3-point shooter.

He also hit the go-ahead lay-up in a 95-88 comeback victory over the Pistons and  forced D-League Digest's Steve Weinman to create the following hashtag on Twitter:


Done and done.

Fellow/former D-League call-up as well as fellow Warrior C.J. Watson had 17 points, eight board and five assists.

And that was your Sunday morning's D-Leaguers in the NBA update.