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D-League All-Star Replacements Announced

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NEW YORK, Feb. 10, 2010 - Dakota's Romel Beck, Bakersfield's Brian Butch, Los Angeles' Joe Crawford, Reno's Desmon Farmer, Austin's Curtis Jerrells, and Los Angeles' Diamon Simpson were today selected to replace Maine's Alexis Ajinca (injured), Idaho's Anthony Tolliver (GATORADE Call-Up to the Golden State Warriors), Utah's Dontell Jefferson (injured), Rio Grande Valley's Antonio Anderson (injured), Idaho's Sundiata Gaines (GATORADE Call-Up to the Utah Jazz), and Rio Grande Valley's Joey Dorsey (recalled to the Houston Rockets) in the 2010 NBA D-League All-Star Game.

Well, there's that.

Here are my issues:

Romel Beck being chosen to replace Alexis Ajinca.

  • Romel Beck is a deserving all-star, but...
  • On a team that has only one point guard (Curtis Stinson) and one center (Earl Barron), why choose yet another wing player?  If you had to give the spot to a Dakota player (since they weren't represented in the all-star game), I'd argue for Maurice Baker.  Baker is norming 14.3 points, 7.9 boards and 5.7 assists since the new year.  While those numbers aren't going to blow you away (except the 8 boards from a point guard), at least he's filling a void in the line up.
  • If not a Dakota player, why not Sioux Falls' Greg Stiemsma?  Stiemsma tweeted after the all-star selections were announced "why don't people understand that defense wins games. Scoring isn't everything."  While defense isn't sexy, I think his efforts on the court are probably deserving of a chance on a bigger stage.
  • If not Stiemsma, why not Erie's John Bryant? He's averaging a double-double and certainly looks more like an all-star than teammate Alade Aminu as of late.

Brian Butch replaced Joey Dorsey

  • Brian Butch is a worthy replacement (I'm planning on watching them tonight in-person to get a better grasp on him, but the lure of being social (i.e. drinking at Buffalo Wild Wings) may change that), but I had somebody else in mind...
  • I was told just last night that I give too much love to Rod Benson, but I don't think the league is giving him enough credit.  He's the most marketable player in the D-League and he's back to putting up good numbers in the D-League.  Plus, he's a center (my rule for centers is that they can't shoot the 3-ball)!  Check last night in the D-League for more recent thoughts.

I will now be waiting on the new slam dunk contestants.

Full All-Star rosters after the break - I'm picking the East.


Pos.   Player (Team)                           Ht.       Wt.      Birthdate       College

G       Morris Almond (Springfield)     6-5        210     2/2/1985        Rice

G       Ron Howard (Fort Wayne)        6-5       200      11/14/1982    Valparaiso

G       Curtis Stinson (Iowa)                 6-3       215      2/15/1983      Iowa State

G       Reggie Williams (Sioux Falls)    6-6       210      9/14/1986      VMI

F        Alade Aminu (Erie)                   6-10     235      9/14/1987      Georgia Tech.

F        Romel Beck (Dakota)                6-8       195      5/29/1982      UNLV

F        Trey Gilder (Maine)                   6-9       185      1/24/1985      Northwestern State

F        Rob Kurz (Fort Wayne)             6-9       230      3/5/1985        Notre Dame

F        Cartier Martin (Iowa)                 6-7       220      11/20/1984    Kansas State

C        Earl Barron (Iowa)                     6-11     230      8/14/1981      Memphis



Pos.   Player (Team)                           Ht.       Wt.      Birthdate       College

G       Mustafa Shakur (Tulsa)             6-3       190      8/18/1984      Arizona

G       Joe Crawford (Los Angeles)      6-5       210      6/17/1986      Kentucky

G       Desmon Farmer (Reno)             6-5       210      10/7/1981      USC

G       Curtis Jerrells (Austin)               6-1       195      2/5/1987        Baylor

F        Alonzo Gee (Austin)                  6-6       220      5/29/1987      Alabama

F        Mike Harris (Rio Grande Valley)           6-6       235                6/15/1983       Rice

F        Carlos Powell (Albuquerque)     6-7       225      8/29/1983      South Carolina

F        Diamon Simpson (Los Angeles)            6-7       230                9/8/1987         St. Mary's (CA)

C        Brian Butch (Bakersfield)          6-11     240      12/22/1984    Wisconsin

C        Dwayne Jones (Austin)              6-11     250      6/9/1983        Saint Joseph's