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Eric Devendorf Signs with the Pistons.. Not Detroit, but the Waikato Pistons

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The new Waikato Pistons import is a tattooed trash-talker with a history of off-court woes who may be the league's best player in recent history.

The two-times defending NBL champions have signed former US college star Eric Devendorf to play point guard for the upcoming season.

You read that right - according to the The Nelson Mail (I don't know why they'd title their paper as The Nelson Mail, but I'll go with it), Eric Devendorf will be playing for the Waikato Pistons in New Zealand this Summer.

Cool thing is, I once wrote about one of his teammates, Alex Pledger.  Pledger is potentially the tallest sports player in all of New Zealand.

As far as Devenforf goes, he played three games in the D-League before finding out that the biggest little city in the world wasn't big enough to hang onto him as he was released just three games into his career with the Reno Bighorns.  This perplexed me, as Devendorf is obviously talented, but I've heard he rubbed the coaching staff the wrong way.

Regardless of all that, when you have a chance to declare for the NBA draft a season early, get cut after your best game in the D-League and then sign with the Waikato Pistons, you do it.