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Alex Pledger to the New Zealand Breakers!? ZOMG!

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Well, since the D-League season is over, I figured we might as well start looking at other minor leagues.  Since I have a personal vendetta against the only other domestic minor league going on right now, the IBL - they cut my boy Brandon Smith after averaging 24.3 points and 9.7 boards in the preseason and won't return my calls. Because of this, we're going to focus this blog exclusively on basketball in New Zealand


In all actuality, I just found this while perusing the interwebs and thought I'd share it with you.

According to the New Zealand Herald, the New Zealand Breakers have reportedly added potentially the tallest man in professional New Zealand sport to their roster in NZ Tall Blacks centre Alex Pledger.
The 22-year-old stands at a few millimetres over 2.13m (7 foot, 1in) and will return to New Zealand next month after a three-year scholarship with Bellmont Abbey College in North Carolina. He will sign with the Breakers as a development player, according to the Herald's Mike Brown.

Lots of (un?)intentional comedy in just the opening two paragraphs.

A) He currently plays with the New Zealand Tall Blacks?  As my good buddy Scott Woodmansee might say - Really?

2) I enjoy that the opening paragraph is excited that he's potentially the tallest man in professional New Zealand sport.

III) He graduated from the same college as my favorite North Carolinian commenter, IcemanCometh - Bellmont Abbey.  In three years!

  • He's going to be a development player.  I'm really surprised that he's not coming in to be a superstar after that premiere basketball background he has put together thus far.