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Rio Grande Valley Vipers D-League Championship Night: A Photo Retrospective

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I realized I titled this a photo retrospective, but I'm a sucker for independent videos of huge moments.  If you'd like the D-League-produced highlights, narrated by the wonderful Alex Del Barrio, check Jon's recap from yesterday.

After the jump, I've compiled the best pictures I could find for our (second annual) Championship Night Photo Gallery!

First, just a few of the great pictures from the D-League photo gallery (Credit: Chris Covatta/NBAE/Getty Images):


Not too many open seats...


Not surprisingly, everybody is on their feet.  Also, this is not an easy shot.


Craig Winder's celebrating and the dancers are flying!


L to R: David Hinojosa, Jonah Goldberg, Alex Del Barrio and D-League MVP Mike Harris celebrating


Will Conroy waited a long time to do this. Also, Rich Melzer - WTF?

And now for some pictures from Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey (via his Twitter):


This looks like an NBA locker room celebration!


The Houston Rockets staff with the D-League championship trophy (Well deserved)


Morey's caption: "Rio Grande Valley paper this morning. Working towards similar Chronicle headline in not too long."