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Repurposing Ridiculous Upside

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I'm going to make this short, quick and sweet: the D-League season is officially over and therefore, Ridiculous Upside is about to get pretty boring. We'll still cover the D-League when it's important (coaching changes, maybe some player profiles, etc.), but things are just too slow for the D-League before Summer League stuff starts to roll in to update this site daily about the D-League.

Wait! Have no fear! It's one of the most wonderful times of the year - NBA Draft time.

If you weren't aware, the phrase "ridiculous upside" encompasses more than just the D-League.  In fact, it was probably never meant to encompass the D-League at all - but, as you may know, the times, they are a-changin'.

The biggest changes, you'll see, is that myself and Jon L are adding two new front page bros - The Artist Formerly Known As Michael Bourn (Liberty Ballers' Draft Guru) and fetch9 (who runs about 19 blogs on the interwebs, is from North Dakota and interviewed Russell Robinson for RU this season). 

I'll have both of them introduce themselves sometime soon, but to give you a quick primer, they both:

Anyway, throughout the next two months (up until Summer League, really), you can expect wall-to-wall NBA draft coverage - mock drafts, player profiles, big boards, funny stuff, daily link dumps and everything else to make RU your one-stop shop for SBNBA Draft Coverage.

This begs the question, by the way - what else would you like out of RU to make us your one-stop shop for the NBA Draft?

Seriously, answer what else in the comments.  Or welcome the new guys. Or tell me how sweet of an idea it was to stay up all night to watch Boy Meets World and Saved By The Bell.