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Skyforce, 66ers To Meet In Game I'm Looking Forward To Most

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The only thing that could make this game better is if the Sioux Falls Skyleaders were going to be in attendance.
The only thing that could make this game better is if the Sioux Falls Skyleaders were going to be in attendance.

The NBA Development League announced its schedule for the upcoming 2010-2011 season Monday afternoon, beginning with eight teams tipping off on Friday, November 19.

While it's difficult to get too excited about the schedule being released, knowing that the teams won't have any players until the D-League's Draft is conducted in late October, the rosters in the Development League are fluid year-round so that isn't a very good excuse.

That said, I decided to write up a post over at my other home (Aol FanHouse) breaking down the games that interest me for the upcoming D-League season.  Even though I listed 10 games over at FanHouse, I didn't want to neglect you all and decided to give you a special treat.

The game I'm looking forward to most, (out of all however-many D-League games happen next season (I'm bad at math)) is the Sioux Falls Skyforce versus Tulsa 66ers game on Monday, January 10th.

Not only does the game tip-off (AT NOON!?) the D-League Showcase in South Padre Island - which is rumored to be a better locale than my hometown of Bismarck, North Dakota combined with the always wonderful D-League Showcase-hosting Boise, Idaho - but I plan to attend by any means possible ( and yes, this includes somehow hitchhiking in Hasheem Thabeet's luggage if necessary).

It also features one of my favorite coaching matchups, which I attempted to describe over at FanHouse:

Tulsa coaches Nate Tibbetts and Dale Osbourne both come from the coaching tree of current Skyforce assistant Duane Ticknor. Tony Fritz, the head coach of the Skyforce, served an assistant under Tibbetts in Sioux Falls before Tibbetts took the top job in Tulsa. Basically, it's a really mangled reunion of Ticknor's coaching tree.

And, if the fact that Oklahoma City basically sent their entire D-League-eligible roster to Sioux Falls last season to move on in the playoffs is any indication, this might even constitute a good ol' fashioned rivalry game.

I know this isn't going to get any comments, but I'm asking anyway - any games you're looking forward to this season?