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Mike Gansey, We Will Miss You

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Mike Gansey, the best player-blogger this website has ever seen, has decided that he will be taking his talents to the Canary Islands next season.

I tried to get Mike to do a "Decision" video a la Anthony Tolliver so that he could resume his acting career, but in typical Gansey fashion he responded via that saying that he's too busy working on his game.

"Sorry, in Fort Wayne working out with my bro (Fort Wayne Mad Ants new top assistant coach Steve Gansey) and Sondy (yes, the Sean Sonderleiter). Been doing two-a-days all week and have been tired as hell. Not sure if I can pull a Decision video - LeBron's my guy and don't think I can out do AT (Tolliver)."

Keep in mind that it's August and he already has a job locked up overseas for the season.  Dude's a basketball junkie.  

With that in mind, I was able to find the above highlight video on Youtube set to the Beastie Boys - it didn't include the famous dunk that Gansey swears happened last season, but it does include his incredible range.

If anyone is disappointed that Gansey's not going to be playing in the USA next season, don't be - this is a great opportunity.  He had an NBA camp invite, but if he wouldn't have made the team, it'd have been tough to find an opportunity like this in October.  I mean, honestly, do a Google Image search for "Canary Islands Resort" and "Erie Pennsylvania Resort" and tell me you would've passed this up.

Plus, they seem to know that they're getting a terrific player and possibly the next Bob Sura judging from the coach's quotes in the press release:

"Despite his 1.93, also figures prominently in the rebound, both defensive and offensive. Last year he averaged more than eight per game. It has a tremendous instinct for knowing where the ball will go and this year with the absence of Jakim all players will have to put up a little more on this important facet of the game, "he concluded.

Oh, and as a final word of advice, next time someone makes a Mike Gansey highlight package, I want it set to "Ice Cream Paint Job."