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The Decision, Part Deux: Anthony Tolliver Decides On A Team

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It's been awhile since Anthony Tolliver was relevant on Ridiculous Upside.  In fact, the last time we wrote about him last season was in early January when I broke down his game as such:

Tolliver's a stud, there's no way around it.  If I'm going to pick out something to complain about, it's that he can't really defend the perimeter as well as he can shoot from the perimeter, but he's shooting very well from the perimeter.  His back-to-the-basket game leaves a bit to be desired, but is adequate enough to get by on once a team switches to putting a player that can defend him on the perimeter.  Essentially, he's a hustle player and a matchup problem.  He's also been very active on the defensive glass.

Since then, Tolliver was called up by the Golden State Warriors, played well enough to stick for the season and then was left with a decision - should he re-sign with Golden State or take his talents elsewhere?

Luckily, we found out first hand yesterday as he posted a brilliantly made video on Facebook.  Find out which team he chose after the jump!