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Hey, Remember D-League Bullets?

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If you're like me, and I know I am, you've been running around trying to find a new apartment for the last few days.  There have been several D-League articles of mild-to-medium interest over the last week or so, so I figured it's time to drag the box out from under the basement stairs and dust off a good, old-fashioned D-League bullets post.  Enjoy.

  • We talked about this before it happened, but now it's official: the D-League Showcase will be on South Padre Island next year.  The official dates are in there (Jan. 10-13, 2011), along with this interesting bit: despite being about 70 miles away, the Rio Grande Valley Vipers will not be playing host for the Showcase, making it the first Showcase to be without a team sponsor.
  • D-League president Dan Reed recently did an interview with NBA FanHouse's Matt Moore, and Moore wrote a follow-up post discussing Reed's answers on expansion (not happening anytime soon) and what to do with players who go to NBA training camp and then join the D-League.  There's a link to the full interview at the top of that post.
  • And hey, speaking of players who go to the D-League after being brought in to training camp, Larry Owens apparently will head back overseas if he doesn't get an NBA job this year.  Owens went to Summer League and training camp with the New Orleans Hornets last year after spending several years playing in Europe.  Owens can play in the NBA, so here's hoping he ends up with a team that can use him.
  • Ryan Richards, meanwhile, wouldn't mind spending some time in the D-League rather than going to play in Europe (where he's from, which I say because Europe is a country).  (Scott originally tweeted this one yesterday.)
  • Other players likely headed overseas next season: Jackie Manuel and Ivan Harris.  It makes some sense in each case.  Manuel is 27 years old with a family and doesn't seem to be on the cusp of a call-up, while Harris is 26 and took something of a step backward with Erie last year.
  • Staying with the Erie BayHawks, team owner Steve Demetriou talks mostly about his business and the Cleveland Cavaliers in this interview, but also gives an interesting answer when asked about how Erie's season went.  Given who they drafted and subsequent roster moves they made, I probably could guess who Demetriou's talking about as not living up to his billing, but then again almost none of their draft picks made the roster so maybe it's someone else.
  • Finally, Anthony Tolliver has some financial advice.  Tolliver, you'll recall, began the season with the Idaho Stampede before being called-up by the Portland Trail Blazers and Golden State Warriors.  The key takeaway: buy your earrings at Claire's.  Remember, this advice is coming from a guy with a degree in finance.