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Day 3 of Minneapolis Workout Features Quite The Combination (and Luc Louves)

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The list of players working out in Minneapolis today brings about quite an eclectic bunch:

Morning Session
Ryan Thompson, G, Rider
Matt Bouldin, G, Gonzaga
Lazar Hayward, F, Marquette
Charles Garcia, F, Seattle
Trevor Booker, F, Clemson
In that bunch we have:
and that's just the morning session.
Afternoon Session
Jerome Randle, G, California
Scottie Reynolds, G, Villanova
Landry Fields, G/F, Stanford
Tim Ohlbrecht, F, Germany
Luc Louves, F, France
Luke Harangody, F, Notre Dame
In the afternoon session we have:
Take notice, please, that I found you a link for every player except "dude who didn't play basketball at all last season."  That is, quite frankly, because I don't know what he's been doing for the last year (or why he's in the draft).

Yesterday we talked about guys that nobody really knew enough about in Latavious Williams and Ryan Richards, but Luc Louves is somebody nobody seems to know about - so let's learn about him.

I know you're asking the obvious question first, Rodney Dangerfield style: "How unknown is he?"

He's so unkown that

Well, Draft Express hasn't updated their scouting report about him since September 5th, 2007.  His agency hasn't updated his profile on their website lately either, apparently, claiming he's an "NBA 1st round draft prosepct for 2008 or 2009" (and yes, that is their typo - not mine).  Chad Ford has updated his scouting report on Louves more recently, though the attached picture shows Louves as a white European with a Matt Bouldinesque moptop.  In reality though, and according to his Facebook profile, Louves has dreads that are apparently more photogenic than the rest of his face. 

Louves' Facebook also says his religion is "black power" and that he's currently living in Atlanta, Georgia (hopefully working on playing basketball, but I don't know).

All of that said, I'm beginning to wonder if these workouts in Minneapolis are really that beneficial unless teams are scouting early for Summer League (or have late second round picks).