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Patrick Patterson is Good at Beatboxing

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The NBA Combine has come and gone, but the goodness from it is still being discovered.

Typically I'd be referring to the still-unreleased athletic testing numbers so we can discuss the no-step vertical reach of Andy Rautins in-depth, but Liberty Baller's Derek Bodner was able to find even more exciting stuff while listening to his voice recorder last night.

What could be more exciting than no-step vertical reaches, you ask?  Kentucky junior Patrick Patterson beat boxing while teammate Daniel Orton warns that "they gon' be mad at you - whoever that is":

This now ranks up there as my second favorite beatboxing performance ever caught on tape by a basketball player behind only Shaquille O'Neal way back in 2002

And really, that was only because it helped to make it less awkward when watching Mark Madsen dance.

H/T: Liberty Ballers