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Othyus Jeffers, Washington Wizards' NBA D-League Call-Up, Is Finally Getting Noticed

Othyus Jeffers, who recently received a second 10-day contract from the Washington Wizards, doesn't play the type of game that typically gets him noticed by the casual fan but the Twitter machine was buzzing on Monday night after his team won just their second road game of the season with a 100-95 victory over the Utah Jazz.

In 21 minutes of playing time, Jeffers had six points and six rebounds while registering a +9 in the plus/minus category.

Before we get to the Tweets, however, let us take some time to remind you that that I was -- for all intents and purposes -- the first person on the Jeffers bandwagon (and yes, I know I should be neutral, but I'm not).

My first non-internship job in the sports world was as Director of Operations for the now defunct Minot Skyrockets of the CBA (not defunct because of me, however). In that position, I got the steal of the draft when selecting Jeffers with our third round pick (after Brian Butch and Brandon Smith, but value!).  He was a bit more on the radar than planned, however, and was drafted with the Iowa Energy's third round pick after signing with the D-League.

After then watching Jeffers for a season, in the D-League, I penned this 1,500 word breakdown of Mr. Jeffers. Looking back, that was a little long, but well worth the read for those unfamiliar with his background (his game has developed).

The following season, despite my pleas, Jeffers hadn't been called up yet. I was obviously distraught, but Jeffers told the Erie BayHawks writer exactly why his NBA opportunity hadn't happened yet: It was LeBron James' fault. Looking back at what's transpired with LeBron since, Jeffers was probably absolutely right.

And then, finally, he was called up to the Utah Jazz (and I went to write about sports at AOL FanHouse, which explains my lack of linkable Jeffers' content ever since).

Anyway, let's get back to the true reason of this post (it's not all about me) and take a look at who else is finally noticing Jeffers' hard work pay off.

The team's official account first took note of Jeffers play with the following mention:

You can't say enough about the play of Othyus Jeffers. 3 Offensive boards in the last possession then he takes a charge on defensive. HUGE!

Good work, O.

Next, some dude named BetBigDC on Twitter concisely says what the rest of the world has already been thinking:

Othyus Jeffers for President? #Wizards

I mean, I don't know Jeffers' political leanings, but maybe in 2012?

The excellent wizznutzz then decided to weigh in as only they can:


I think that was meant to be nice things so I'm including it.

Finally, Ben Standig came along after the game, dropping a bit of knowledge on us all:

The #Wizards have now won as many road games with Othyus Jeffers as Andray Blatche