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LeBron James is evil, apparently.

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With LeBron James becoming a free agent at the end of this season, Iowa Energy forward Othyus Jeffers says NBA teams aren't calling D-League players up, instead saving money to have a boatload of cash to throw at the Cleveland Cavaliers' megastar this offseason.

"There are a lot of things going on right now in 2010 with the 'LeBron Act' so they didn't want to spend money this year," said Jeffers, who was the D-League rookie of the year last season.

"They're pinching pennies," Jeffers said. "They don't want to give up any extra money. They don't want to go over the luxury tax even though they could use (D-League players) right now.

"They said, 'We'll take our losses cause we need our money,' but there is nothing people in the D-League can do about it. You just have to bide your time, wait, stay consistent and be ready when they call."

Jeffers foresees more D-League players going to the NBA after the spending spree for 2010 free agents ends this offseason.

An excerpt from GoErie's Duane Rankin with the possibly misleading title "D-League players blame LeBron for lack of call-ups"

Considering we're four call-ups ahead of where we we were last season at this juncture, I'm not so sure LeBron is to blame.

Still, I'm all about more D-League call-up's, so if they think LeBron is at fault, he probably is.