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Recap: Erie BayHawks 111, Utah Flash 101

(Scott's thoughts on the highlights: Did Ahearn do the Michael Jordan shoulder shrug? Can Ahearn and Gansey shoot from anywhere past halfcourt? Sweetney's large.)

I caught the first quarter of this game, so here are some thoughts based on what I saw (and here's the box score):

  • Perimeter defense and efficiency, or lack thereof in both cases, are what sunk the Flash.  Blake Ahearn was getting to the hoop whenever he wanted against Kevin Kruger, while Mike Gansey went nuts with 33 points on 17 shots.
  • I've remarked on this before, but while Ahearn's role has changed somewhat with Cedric Jackson called-up, it's pretty amazing to see how much more comfortable he is with the BayHawks compared to Bakersfield.  He's confident and decisive, and playing well.
  • The only guy who defended well for Utah, as far as I saw, was Kosta Koufos.  Erie center John Bryant finished with 16 points and eight rebounds, but he had been a 20 and 10 guy the last two games, and I'm guessing some of that production came against Luke Nevill.
  • Kevin Kruger and Andre Ingram were the only Flash players who you'd call "efficient," and in Ingram's case that came more from going 6-6 at the free throw line to make up for his 2-6 performance from the field.  Kruger was the only guy for Utah who made more than one three-pointer.
  • Once again, the Flash struggled at home.  There has to be a reason for this other than the Curse of the Imposter, I'm just not sure what it is.
  • All jokes aside, Mike Sweetney is very overweight.  He picked up 17 points and nine boards, but it was probably the slowest 17 and nine you'll ever see.  When you're making John Bryant look like Trey Gilder...I can see why the Red Claws may not have wanted to put in the time to get Sweetney's conditioning in order.