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Who's Left From Last Season's NBA Development League Crop?

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wrote on Twitter last night that I was having trouble thinking of anything to write about for Ridiculous Upside.

I mean, it's August - the D-League hasn't played since April, the Summer Leagues seem like they happened months ago and.... well, that pretty much is the extent of our coverage on Ridiculous Upside.

So I took a casual stroll around the rest of SB Nation to see what people were talking about and, lo and behold, the always great CelticsBlog had a couple of interesting fan posts that caught my eye.

First, businessbmw posted "Danny still wants a SF shooter right?" and discussed a popular option around these parts: Tulsa's Larry Owens.  Then, just a few hours later, Little ticket decided that Bakersfield's Will Daniels was deserving of a training camp invite in the aptly titled fan post "Will Daniels".

So next week, since it seems like it'd be a worthwhile topic, I'm going to weigh in on the top D-League players that haven't yet signed a European contract.  I'll break down the top five (or so) players at each position and why - or why they don't - deserve a training camp invite.

We're in the doldrums of the D-League season, folks, so if you have any other topics you'd be interested in me discussing, let me know and I'll get to them as well.