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Dear D-League Players: Do You Want To Blog For Ridiculous Upside?

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Dear D-League Players,

I put out a call on Twitter last week looking for someone playing in the NBA Development League to write about their D-League season. There were numerous responses, but I realized that not everyone follows my Twitter account (or the website's)and decided to post it here before making a decision on our new contributor.

Ridiculous Upside has a rather high bar set when it comes to player blogs as the first player in site history was the memorable Mike Gansey. Gansey wrote about Kaley Cuoco, which D-League assistant coaches looked most like John Cena (Hint: His brother) and a comprehensive review of the 2010 D-League season while giving fans an inside look at the league.

Anyway, if you think you can follow in the footsteps of Mr. Gansey, please send me an e-mail (located here) and we'll get things moving. If there's enough interest in players interested in getting their stories to the masses, we might even be able to add multiple bloggers!

Have a great weekend!