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Some Updates on NBA D-League Open Tryouts

With the NBA D-League Draft less than two weeks away, the league's open tryout process continues to be a crucial time for most teams to evaluate the talent pool available.

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The 2013 NBA D-League Draft happens to be less than two weeks away. Thus, such an evening will mark the beginning of a new basketball journey for hundreds for interesting prospects.

While draft day represents a key date for minor league teams to evaluate and/or take a chance on some intriguing up and coming young guns, the NBADL's open tryout process continues to be a crucial part of things as well. As D-League staffs keep their eyes peeled for potential, open tryouts happen to be a common place for such players to get noticed. This is because a good number of prospects (including the pictured Orion Outerbridge) strutting their stuff for such teams either a) already have minor league contracts and are draft eligible, or b) will sign their contracts in the coming days and will be eligible, nonetheless.

With that in mind, let's take a look at some updates around the D-League open tryout circuit.

Of course, was present at tryout sessions for two different squads. We originally attended Erie BayHawks tryouts at the end of September, and spoke with head coach Gene Cross about the process. The following week, we observed Bakersfield Jam tryouts as well, speaking with the team's staff over the course of the weekend.

Obviously, Erie and Bakersfield aren't the only two minor league squads going through the tryout motions. The Santa Cruz Warriors welcomed basketball hopefuls to town for the second straight fall. Entering their first season in the D-League, the Delaware 87ers are also out on the prowl for potential talent. The Tulsa 66ers hosted nearly 60 up and comers at their facility this past weekend as well.