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Santa Cruz Warriors Head Coach Casey Hill To Assist Golden State in NBA Summer League

Santa Cruz Warriors coaches Casey Hill and James Andrisevic will be a part of the NBA affiliated Golden State's Summer League staff in Las Vegas, has learned.

Getty Images/NBAE

NBA Summer League is one of the most unique stages The Association offers its current, former, and prospective players. Such athletes use this platform to develop, learn, and perform as they strut their stuff in hopes of catching the eye of an NBA executive or two.

But, of course, the summer sessions in both Orlando and Las Vegas aren't simply just for the players. Such an atmosphere is beneficial for coaches as well, especially those currently on the D-League level. Not only does each session provide the coaches with somewhat of a respective platform as well, but it also gives NBA teams an opportunity to communicate and further strengthen the bond they have with a minor league affiliate.

Casey Hill has been an integral part of the Santa Cruz Warriors' respective runs to the D-League Finals in each of the past two seasons. In year one, he served as an assistant coach to Nate Bjorkgren, and most recently, he guided the team as head coach this past campaign. Perhaps even more importantly, he aided the development of some of Golden State's up and coming young guns while a select few were on D-League assignment. This gave way to the NBA Warriors' continued utilization of Santa Cruz as they relied upon the minor league affiliate even further.

Clearly, such a strategy has played into the big league team's most recent success. But with a new coach in Steve Kerr emerging as the man with the plan, it's important to ensure such a relationship between the two squads continues to be a strong one.

Perhaps taking that into consideration, has learned that Coach Hill will assist Golden State during NBA Summer League in Vegas. Santa Cruz assistant James Andrisevic will also be a part of the staff, among others.

Golden State's new staff taking this time to develop chemistry and get on the same page with the group in Santa Cruz is a very smart heading into the season, as such a relationship has proven to be mutually beneficial again and again.

Along with the coaches, Santa Cruz players Lance Goulbourne and Kiwi Gardner will play for Golden State as well.