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Report: Naadir Tharpe Leaving Kansas And Heading to NBA D-League

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According to CBS Sports, Naadir Tharpe will head to the NBA D-League next season, instead of returning to Kansas.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

As more and more NBA teams get involved with utilizing the D-League properly, the more credibility the minor league actually goes on to gain. In turn, the NBADL is becoming an increasingly appealing option, not only for fringe NBA players hoping to break in to The Association, but also for up and coming young guns looking for a place to play before declaring for the NBA Draft.

The D-League vs. NCAA debate is more lively than ever before, with plenty of respective support, pros, and cons being tossed in each direction by those who ponder the better alternative.

That said, one thing is undeniable: the D-League's talent level continues to rise as such things continue to be considered.

One player who reportedly figures to add to that will be Kansas guard Naadir Tharpe. According to CBS Sports, Tharpe will head to the D-League after deciding not to return to Kansas next season. He averaged 8.5 points and 5 assists per contest throughout the latest campaign.

Listed at just 5'11" and 160 pounds, it's safe to say Tharpe's smaller build may present some questions marks. Playing in the D-League will provide him with an opportunity to show big league executives he can still hold his own while competing against other professionals.

At the conclusion of his latest season in Kansas, Tharpe announced his departure and noted the need to be closer to his daughter as the main reason. Despite the rather underwhelming salary in the D-League, playing professionally will net Tharpe some money he wouldn't have been able to earn playing in the NCAA to help him support her.