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Sioux Falls Skyforce's Hire of Phil Weber Gives NBA D-League Even More Credibility

By hiring longtime NBA assistant Phil Weber to lead the way for the affiliated Sioux Falls Skyforce, the Miami Heat was provided the D-League with even more credibility yet again.


Following a thus far storied career that's included coaching stints at both the NBA and NCAA levels, it's safe to say Phil Weber is a well-known commodity.

A longtime NBA assistant, Weber has made multiple stops in The Association. After starting off as an offensive guru with the Phoenix Suns, the Long Island native returned closer to home to help Mike D'Antoni coach the Knicks. Most recently, he was a coaching consultant for the Miami Heat.

He's had great success and garners quite the reputation. It seems as though he could have his pick from any number of assistant coaching posts in the NBA.

Instead, Weber will assume head coaching duties in the D-League. Remaining a part of the Heat family, Coach Weber has been tapped to lead the way for the Sioux Falls Skyforce, Miami's exclusive minor league affiliate.

Though the Heat still figure to be competitive this coming season, the team will have to manage without LeBron James serving as starring attraction in South Beach. Perhaps with that in mind (and the likes of Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh entering the latter stages of their careers), there'll be an even greater focus on the development of some of their younger players. In order to be relied upon in the seasons that follow, such prospects will have to prove themselves worthy of being part of the foundation the team is looking to set. This is where having a single D-League affiliate comes in handy.

Enter Coach Phil Weber.

The minor league has seen former players, NBA coaches, as well as officials, man the sidelines for their respective teams in more recent years. Having said that, Weber might be the NBADL's highest profile coaching hire to date.

Following nearly thirty years of coaching experience at different levels, it's safe to say Weber knows a thing or two, not only about helping players succeed, but furthermore, how to motivate them and bring out the best in each one. He's an unique offensive mind with an all the more impressive ability to communicate quite well.

Miami's choice to hire Weber in this capacity is a huge win for many reasons. Coming to the D-League level means Coach Weber believes the minor league can serve as an asset, even for an NBA championship contender. There's no doubt he'll help bridge the gap, already fully understanding what Heat basketball is all about.

This is an opportunity for Coach Weber to start something special in Sioux Falls while giving back to the game's next generation. Having said that, the fact that he'll stand tall as the man with a plan drawing up his own X's and O's is likely an enticing task, too.