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Australia Veteran Jordan Kappen Heads For 2015 NBA D-League Draft

Coming off a nice season in Australia, Jordan Kappen is headed for the 2015 NBA D-League Draft, a source tells

After playing in Australia last season, swingman Jordan Kappen has signed a minor league contract and is eligible for the 2015 NBA D-League Draft, a source tells

Kappen is hoping for a stateside gig, after spending multiple seasons overseas. The 6'5" and 200 pound vet is coming off a campaign during which he averaged 6.4 points and 3.6 rebounds for the Newcastle Hunters. Diving into film, it looks as though Kappen has decent range, good instincts, and knows how to move well and space the floor. This is all better than what his numbers abroad would suggest. Obviously, a highlight clip, by definition, hones in on a player's brighter moments and respective abilities.

For more, check out this highlight clip below.