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Brian Addison To Attempt Another Go At The NBA D-League Via 2015 Draft

Basketball journeyman Brian Addison is hoping for a second chance in the D-League via the 2015 draft, set to take place later this week.

Despite getting selected in the 2013 NBA D-League Draft by the Springfield Armor, Brian Addison has yet to hit the NBA's minor league hardwood.

Nevertheless, the versatile forward, now 28 years old, has made a career for himself overseas, with stints in Portugal, Slovakia, and Canada. His journey continued last season in Mexico, as he competed alongside former Tulsa 66ers' guard Isaiah Wilkerson. Addison averaged 12.4 points on 55% from the field, 6.3 rebounds, and 1.2 steals.

Age has always been but a number for Addison. Frankly, it hasn't appeared to phase him just yet. The older he gets, the stronger he seems to become. The confidence is there. He runs really well and is very agile for a player of his size. Addison can handle the ball enough to take his opponent off the dribble, and can certainly defend both guard positions. At 6'9" and 230 pounds, Addison has an NBA ready body, putting it simply enough.

Hoping for another look, Addison has make himself eligible for the 2015 NBA D-League Draft, his agent tells Ridiculous Upside.

As players enter their mid to late twenties, that can potentially scare prospective D-League teams off. Often an extension of what the NBA affiliate is trying to do, D-League teams want to develop players that can have the ability to serve as long-term pieces. This is all very reasonable, but in the interest in also remaining competitive for the passionate local fans, Addison is the type of player who can contribute right away, too.

For years now, Addison has been able to hold his own during offseason workouts, showcases, and Pro-Am competitions taking place in New York City. He's matched up against D-League and NBA alums alike. He's been one of's favorite players "currently" not in the D-League for a while.

Perhaps with a selection in this year's draft later this week, that title could change in his favor.