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Former NBA Training Camp Vet Vance Cooksey Hopes For D-League Return

NBA training camp vet and former D-Leaguer Vance Cooksey is hoping to return, signing a contract for this year's minor league draft.

Getty Images/NBAE

The familiar faces are officially starting to flood right in.

After two seasons overseas, NBA training camp vet and former D-Leaguer Vance Cooksey is hoping to break back into The Association's minor league, has learned. The point guard has signed another contract, entering him into the player pool for the 2015 draft.

"I feel very confident and grateful to have another opportunity to play in the D-League this season. I feel my game has improved a lot since my first couple of stints in the league with the experience of playing overseas. I have a better understanding of the system and am focused on my individual and team goals this year," Cooksey said via press release. "I feel confident and know I've worked hard this off-season and put a lot of work in that I will be prepared for whatever situation I am placed into this year."

A return to the D-League is very fitting for Cooksey, as he was regarded well in minor league locker rooms due to his positive attitude and continued determination. He's returning to the states with the same hunger that led him to a training camp gig with his hometown Chicago Bulls back in 2012.

The 27 year old holds D-League averages of 7.4 points, 4.1 assists, and 1 steal per contest. As a pesky and agile defender, Cooksey should be considered a potential candidate for backup point guard positions across the league. If nothing else, his experience and respective defensive prowess would allow him to push his teammates during training camp. A hungry player like him is someone good to have around.