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SBNation Mock Draft, Pick #9: Charlotte Bobcats

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Wit the ninth pick in the 2008 SBNation NBA Mock Draft, the Charlotte Bobcats, represented by Queen City Hoops , select...



Joe Alexander, Forward, West Virginia University. 6-8, 230 lbs.


Queen City Hoops  says:

Since this is a mock draft for Ridiculous Upside, Brook Lopez is...not the pick.  While I see little chance the Bobcats would pass him at 9, given the opportunity, I will.  As I've written else where previously, when your NBA comparisons are to Chris Kaman and Brendan Haywood, it is tough to be excited about a prospect.  Enough denigrating Brook, and on to hyping the potential of:

Joe Alexander. 

Brewhoop did a good job building him up in their selection of Anthony Randolph, and I had been planning to take whichever one of the pair they left anyway.  To reiterate the high points:  Crazy athletic, strong, constantly improving game.  Another point to note:  He will play a bit taller than his height of 6'8.25", due to his wingspan of 6'11" and a standing reach of 8'10".  That standing reach just happens to match that of Kevin Love, who is slotted to play PF/C in the pros, meaning Alexander should be able to spend some time at 4 himself.  Considering the Bobcats had been using Gerald Wallace at the 4 regularly, until concussions caused him to ask out of it, this would help fill the hole the Cats have when it comes to guarding perimeter based big men (watching Emeka or Nazr trying to guard Bosh and Dirk is painful). 

Another note on Gerald:  I see some similarities between the two players.  Both are late bloomers, who are athletes first, basketball players second.  Watching Gerald's progression as a player over the last few years gives me a good feeling about drafting a slightly larger version of him.


The New Jersey Nets, represented by NetsDaily , are on the clock.


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