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SBNation Mock Draft, Pick #14: Golden State Warriors

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With the fourteenth pick in the 2008 SBNation NBA Mock Draft, the Golden State Warriors, represented by Golden State of Mind , select...



DeAndre Jordan, Center, Texas A&M University. 7-0, 260 lbs.

Golden State of Mind says:
The Warriors, like many other teams in the lottery, have had a penchant for drafting tall, little to no skilled big men with the hope that they transform into…anything. This draft will be no different being that Chris Mullin and company haven’t changed my mind one bit in the last few years (Brandan Wright, Kosta Koast, Patrick O’Bryant, Andris Biedrins). As the saying goes "You can’t teach height" and he’ll be perfect for filling in Patrick O’Bryant’s spot on the bench of the underachieving, no-threat position big man the Warriors love so much. The ghosts of Victor Alexander, Carlos Rogers, and Todd Fuller haunt us even today. But in all seriousness, with DeAndre Jordan's stock fluctuating anywhere on mock drafts from the mid to late lottery -- much of it with his questionable work ethic, maturity level, and uncooked game -- I can see him dropping down to the Warriors at 14. Someone with Jordan's athleticism is just to good to pass up despite all his current least for the Warriors and at the 14th spot. He doesn't fill an immediate need for the Warriors being that he can't shoot, score, or create. But this is totally fine for the Warriors who not only duplicate players but are constantly in rebuilding mode.


The Phoenix Suns, represented by Bright Side of the Sun , are on the clock.


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14. Golden State Warriors- Golden State of Mind: DeAndre Jordan