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Training Camp Invites - Boston Celtics

This isn't a photo, it's actual video of <a href="">Michael Sweetney</a> running up the court.
This isn't a photo, it's actual video of Michael Sweetney running up the court.

Do I need to keep writing intros for these?

Michael Sweetney - I'm not really sure why the Celtics signed Sweetney.  He's been working to lose weight, though it hasn't really gone well.  He sat out most of Summer League with a hamstring injury (with a likely emphasis on the ham, if you get what I'm saying).  Sweetney is certainly to be commended for trying to get himself in shape and take another shot at the NBA, but you know how I complain about teams signing washed up old players who can't help them in any way instead of a talented player from the D-League team who can?  This is what I'm talking about, even though Sweetney's not that old.  Sweetney's per-minute numbers from when he played were fine, 15 points and 10 and a half rebounds, but he's fat, slow, and can't stay on the court.