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Training Camp Invites - Indiana Pacers

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<a href="">Demetris Nichols</a> is hoping to make the Indiana Pacers' roster.
Demetris Nichols is hoping to make the Indiana Pacers' roster.

Wrapping up the Central Division, today we look at the Pacers' training camp invitees.  There are some talented players here, though as with all teams their chances of actually making the team are a bit slim.

Lawrence Roberts - Roberts had a solid college career playing for Baylor an Mississippi State - he had the first triple-double in the latter school's history, which is pretty good for a power forward - although he hasn't made much of an impression in the NBA.  Averaging 10 points and 10 rebounds per 36 minutes would be pretty good for a backup, but he's also had some injury issues while playing in Europe.  He's also had some foul problems in the past.

Demetris Nichols - Nichols is a scoring wing who got a look from the Knicks last season, but the Knicks looked at a lot of players last season so I'm not sure that means much.  The Pacers signed Luther Head to a partially-guaranteed deal not that long ago, so chances are they'll go with him instead, but Nichols is a very good three-point shooter and a pretty good defender on top of it.  In some ways he's what the team wanted when they signed Dahntay Jones, but without the millions of dollars.

Rod Benson - We talk about Benson a lot around here, because he's a fun guy and a good player.  He spent time in Europe last season before leaving his team there and returning to the D-League to play for Dakota and Reno.  He was the third-best shotblocker per game last season and the second-best per minute, as well as a top-10 rebounder.  He had some injury issues early in the year while he was overseas, though, so that may have contributed to his rebounding numbers slipping a little.  Benson has been working on increasing his upper body strength and on his shot, and he also does a pretty good job holding onto the ball and staying out of foul trouble.  He's not blogging anymore, but that just means that RU will have to pick up the slack.  Boom got them tho.