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Last Night In The D-League, Lots of Games Happened

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Good ol' Reece Gaines. And Tyronn Lue.  I cut out Tracy McGrady.  Out of the picture, not out of my life.  He's on his way out of my fantasy team lineup. And his own teams lineup.
Good ol' Reece Gaines. And Tyronn Lue. I cut out Tracy McGrady. Out of the picture, not out of my life. He's on his way out of my fantasy team lineup. And his own teams lineup.

As far as I can tell, there were seven games last night in the D-League.  Unfortunately, I went out and won trivia ($25 to the Lodge, Baybee!) and then failed to get a phone number, later finding out the girl isn't even on facebook (could my life get any worse?!).  Anyway, my life is too sweet to do typical Saturday night game recaps.  Still, since I think you deserve what you pay for, I'll give it my best shot.

Idaho Stampede 97, Utah Flash 96 (BOX SCORE)

  • Our old friend DeeJay Toomey was in attendance, all the way up from Utah.  His team lost.
  • This was a big win for the Stampede and a big loss for the Flash.  10 games into the season, it may not seem like it, but a Stampede sweep could really hurt.
  • Andre Ingram is a 3-point gunner.  He's this year's version of last year's version of Dakota's David Bell.
  • Jason Richards was a lot better at Davidson than he has been with the Flash.  This disappoints me.
  • Sundiata Gaines can still score, even when he's not coming off the bench, finishing with 21 points.  Lanny Smith, who lost his spot as a starter to Gaines, also finished with 21 points, but turned the ball over a horrendous seven times.  Yikez.
  • Cedric Simmons with 11 boards, eight points and seven blocks.  I'm not mad about this line, honestly.
  • JC Mathis should not start a D-League game, Bob.  I'm saying this because I like you, not to make you mad.

Maine Red Claws 105, Bakersfield Jam 82 (BOX SCORE)

  • I've gotta let you know, I'm thinking about writing a story about this, but Will Voigt and Dee Brown were, as far as I can tell, bad coaching hires.  RU ripped their hiring and with two combined wins, I think I would co-sign both of them.
  • Austin Ainge, however, might be better than we gave him credit for.  Or, conversely, Jon Jennings made a great decision to bring in Randy Livingston and Mike Procopio to hide any defincies Ainge may or may not have.  I guess I'll leave it to you to decide what side I'm on.
  • Reece Gaines might not be good at basketball.  I hate to come down a guy just because I was hoping to hook up with a girl with the last name or Reese, but seriously.  How does he go from first-round draft pick in the NBA to shooting 1-for-7 for 5 points in 37 minutes of D-League action?
  • Trey Gilder's a stud.  Just saying.  If there's a random call-up that isn't averaging 20+ points this year, it's going to be Gilder.  Just too long, too smart, too good on defense.

Iowa Energy 99, Erie Bayhawks 90 (Box Score)
  • Check Blog Talk Bayhawk for the recap.  Matt does a good job over there.  Wish he was over here, actually.
  • Good Morning, Earl Barron.  25 and 15 should be the rule, not the exception, for your games.
  • Curtis Stinson, you're the D-League's Jason Kidd.  10 points, nine boards, nine assists, five turnovers and an ejection.  There ya go.  I'm sure your "Will Conroy Bullshit Sportman Player of the Year Because the League Feels Bad That RU Notices You're Not A Good Sport" award is already being engraved.
  • Either Cliff Clinkscales got a lot better over the past year or his 16 assists is a crazy aberration.  I remember some games where it didn't seem he could dribble with his head up.
  • Alade Aminu could be on his way to being a call-up candidate.  With his raw talent and size, 16 points, eight boards and two blocks before fouling out is probably enough to warrant a looksie.
  • John Bryant isn't great.  Eight points, six fouls and give boards prove that.

Fort Wayne Mad Ants 108, Dakota Wizards 91 (Box Score)

  • Ow.
  • I can't imagine Fort Wayne's victory isn't owed to Jeff Potter coming back to regular blogging (THREE posts yesterday!).
  • I didn't watch this game and I don't want to hear how I was wrong on any point, so we're going to omit a recap.

Sioux Falls Skyforce 105, Springfield Armor 93 (Box Score)

  • Joe Krabbenhoft got a DNP.  According to the game notes, there wasn't anything wrong with him.  Confusing.
  • Reggie Williams came back and scored 31.  Groin injury say what?
  • Greg Stiemsma didn't make me look terrible.  10 points, 14 boards, six blocks.  That's almost exactly what I expect.
  • Springfield is bad.
  • Morris Almond scored 24, but in yet another losing effort.

Rio Grande Valley Vipers 99, Austin Toros 95 (Box Score)

  • Kurt Looby got the start.  12 points, nine boards and nine blocks.  Not bad for his first start of the season, eh?
  • The Vipers starting backcourt (Jonathan Wallace and Antonio Anderson) combined for 32 points and 17 rebounds.  Only eight assists, but that's impressive.
  • Dwayne Jones had 27 points and 21 rebounds.  Joey Dorsey got a mysterious DNP.  It's almost like the league wants him to get a call-up matching him up with Kevin Pittsnogle all the time, then having Joey Dorsey take a night off.
  • Curtis Jerrells had 18 points, six assists and seven turnovers.  More turnovers than assists for your starting point guard usually means you're going to lose.  Not surprisingly, Jerrells' team lost.

Reno Bighorns 102, Tulsa 66ers 87 (Box Score)

  • Desmon Farmer led the Bighorns with 24 points.  I'd wager that, at most, six were scored from the right side of the hoop.
  • Russell Robinson, what happened to you being a point guard?  Four turnovers, three assists? 20 points is nice, but still.
  • Rod Benson had 16 points and seven boards.  Hate to not be impressed a line like this, but when you're used to double-double's...
  • Steven Hill played under 14 minutes.  I can't figure out why. Byron Mullens played under 18 minutes.  Latavious Williams played under 12 minutes. Devon Hardin didn't play.  Nate Tibbetts employing small-ball?  Not sure, but this is odd, either way.
  • DJ White was assigned to Tulsa from OKC.  His first game ended with a successful 19 points and nine rebounds.  Love that the box score lists him as a guard.