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Best Dance Team in the NBA D-League? You Decide!

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Since <a href="" target="new">they won last year</a>, it's only right to assume the Skyleaders as the top team this year.
Since they won last year, it's only right to assume the Skyleaders as the top team this year.

Well, there wasn't a D-League game last night so I spent my night doing the dirty work for you: I looked at all 16 D-League team's websites to determine which dance team is the best.

Unfortunately, not every team has a dance team that I could find and some dance teams didn't include individual pictures; thus, those teams weren't included.

After much debate, these are your official choices, via RidiculousUpside, for best D-League dance team. Since full
team photos didn't fit, we just made sure to give you a sample of some of the better dancers* (Best Team Photo: Above). Just click on each team to see the rest of the team. Without further adieu:

Sioux Falls Skyleaders


Rio Grande Valley Snake Charmers


Bayhawks Dance Team


Madame Ants Dance Team


*I have no idea if they're the better dancers because the D-League inundates Futurecast broadcasts with the same commercials 46 times a game at every break.

For more choices, keep reading.

Capital City Dancers (Austin Toros)


Stampede Spirit Dance Team


Albuquerque Storm Chasers


66ers Dance Team


Bighorns Dance Team (Hottest team name, perhaps?)