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Quizzing the Ridiculous Upside ... Faithful?

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Welcome to Ridiculous Upside.  My name is Scott and I'm your usual co-host, along with my Vanna White/Andy Richter-like Jon L (essentially, I get the credit, but the show wouldn't go on without him)

I've done this post before, awhile ago, but last night, I was again looking at the numbers.  They're pretty good, by our standards at least.  Still, it's the same five or six commenters (some of which I love) and I'd like to get the good ol' RU family feeling back.

To do that, I need you to answer at least one of the following questions in the comments, or else.

(Mostly this is just to show myself that the sitemeter screws up when it tells me we've had a phenomenal last monthish (by RU standards))

1. Why do you come to RU? (Last night in the D-League, call-up rankings, Jersey Shore updates, etc.)

2. Who do you come to RU for? (Russell Robinson, Ryan Forehan-Kelly, Scott Schroeder, Desmon Farmer, players you don't know, etc.)

3. What would make RU better? (If I had examples for this one, I'd probably have utilized them by now, so you're on your own)

4. What can we do to make you comment more?

5. What's your favorite color?

6. Where do you live? (Don't worry, I'm too poor to come visit you.  Just wondering if you're close to a D-League team)

7. Follow us on twitter @RUBasketball. (I'll be the one talking about Baby Jersey Shore, Norah Jones, Lane Frost, and debating the merits of the worst bar in Bismarck versus some Harry Potter movie. Jon L will be the one talking mostly about boring things like basketball)