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Bobby Brown Traded to the Clippers; JamesOn Curry Cut

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I get it. 

Bobby Brown is better than JamesOn Curry.   I remember this clearly from when Brown broke out in Vegas at Summer League two years ago - after Brown ferociously dunked on someone, we played "Don't Be Cruel."

It was awesome.

What I didn't get it is why the Clippers, who didn't have anyone scouting at the D-League Showcase, decided to randomly call-up JamesOn Curry, decide they didn't like him, then blame the D-League.

It's not the D-League's fault you either have a terrible scouting department or didn't scout the D-League at all. It's not the D-League's fault that you picked up a player that you'd heard of before over someone that, you know, is actually good at basketball. 

Honestly, you would have been better off going to google, typing in "D-League Call-Up Rankings" or "D-League Prospects" and ending up either looking at our call-up rankings, DraftExpress' Top 30 D-League Prospects or Kevin Pelton's D-League Translations.   At this point, you would have noticed JamesOn Curry is not well represented on either of those lists and moved on to a guy like Mustafa Shakur or Dontell Jefferson or Maurice Baker or Curtis Jerrells or Shaun Livingston or basically a lot of guys not named JamesOn.

This also would've prevented you from making the following statement:

"We needed to do something and this gives us the ability to get an NBA player as opposed to playing the carousel of going down to the D-League and trying to find somebody," said Clippers assistant GM Neil Olshey.

It only doesn't work if you don't know how to use it, Neil.