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Help Design an RU T-Shirt; Win A Prize?!

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Yesterday the SBNation higher-ups told us that we could start our own online store with t-shirts, sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, other types of shirts, hats (assuming Abe Lincoln hats and cheesehead hats, but they didn't specify) and et cetera.

They'll be cheap (they negotiated a pretty good discount, apparently) and could be really awesome.

This made me think.

And then I kept thinking.

Then I said "nah, nobody likes Ridiculous Upside enough to buy a shirt."

But then I was like, I like Ridiculous Upside! I'd buy a shirt if it was really cool.

Then I remembered I don't know of any cool shirts relating to the D-League or Ridiculous Upside.

Now, I have an idea.

Whoever thinks up the coolest T-Shirt design relating to Ridiculous Upside will win:

  • a black D-League Showcase XL T-Shirt (It has a stallion and "2010" on the front and all of the D-League teams on the back)
  • my Les Jepsen rookie card
  • something else I can probably get if your design is cool enough that I'll be able to sell more than 3 t-shirts with it.
  • If you aren't good at thinking up T-shirt design ideas, just put a comment in about some other idea relating to Ridiculous Upside.  If it's really neat, I'll see if I can get a hold of this t-shirt I won.

After the jump is my favorite SBNation t-shirt designs as well as some ideas already thrown at me via Twitter!