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Slam's Review of Saturday Night's Golden State D-Leaguers Game

Remember how I'd been summing up the Golden State D-Leaguer's efforts for a few days (here and here), then suddenly stopped Saturday night when they played the Suns?

I did that because I knew Slam Online's Dennis Tarwood was covering the game.

Tarwood wrote at length about the D-Leaguer's, including some interesting head-to-head box score numbers from Anthony Tolliver versus Amare Stoudemire (Basically, Tolliver's better than Stoudemire.  Go read it to see what I mean). 

He also interviewed Tolliver and Cartier Martin after the game, in which they spoke at length about one of my favorite D-Leaguer's: Lanny Smith.

- The two Warriors D-Leaguers and your never-not-intrepid Game Notes writer had the following conversation about one of Tolliver's favorite D-League teammates:

Tolliver: "You know, I really enjoyed playing with Lanny Smith. He actually got hurt and is out for the season..."

Martin: [Shocked] "Lanny out? That's my man!"

Tolliver: "Yeah, he messed up his MCL or patella or something and had to get surgery."

Martin: "Awwww."

Tolliver: "Yeah, he was a lot of fun to play with. Great point guard, really pushed the tempo..."

Martin: "Maaaaan! Lanny?"

Tolliver: "He allowed me to get a lot of opportunities to get a lot of shots up, so he's a great teammate. (laugh)"

SLAM Online: "We always like that, don't we? [to Martin] So would that be your answer, too?"

Martin: "Lanny my guy, man. Me and Lanny go way back. We played in high school together."

Tolliver: "I didn't know that!"

Martin: "Yeah, man! I mean, we weren't on the same team, but we played against each other."

Tolliver: "He's a great guy, too."

I've said it before, but I'll say it again: Best wishes on a full and healthy recovery go out to Lanny Smith from the RU Crew.