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Well, at least I'm a celebrity! Also, Sorry Desmon Farmer.

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From the other end of the tone-of-conversation spectrum: Ridiculous Upside's Scott Schroeder is a celebrity, although perhaps not in the way he envisioned. When I approached Reno guard Desmon Farmer after the All-Star game, he started by asking, "You know where that dude from Ridiculous is? His name's Scott...He better not be here. He been hatin' on my game all year for no reason. I'm not tripping though."

Farmer apparently saw Scott's interview with Flint Hotbed Hoops' Patrick Hayes, in which Scott gave an honest but up-and-down-at-best appraisal of Farmer's game. Since Farmer wouldn't elaborate on which of Scott's assertions were bothersome ("I don't know" is all he offered when I asked), I don't have a ton to say except that Scott didn't write much that struck me as unfair.

That's just a small excerpt (emphasis mine) from a great recap of all-star weekend presented by D-LeagueDigest's Steve Weinman.

While the "he better not be here" comment strikes me as a bit over the top, Farmer probably has a legit gripe about the way I've written about him - at least as of late.  However, I try not only to compile my personal thoughts when writing at RU, but also the thoughts of those in the know (scouts, coaches, etc.) that don't have an outlet.

Initially I was very high on Farmer (read here, readers), but after asking around as to why he hadn't received a call-up (numbers don't lie, right?) I heard quite a few unflattering things about him.  While at the D-League Showcase I focused in on Farmer, the only chance I've been able to see him live this season.

Unfortunately for Farmer, the body language that I'd heard about was in full-effect.  His ball domination was the biggest problem at the Showcase, however, because it wasn't as if he had the hot hand: he shot 13-of-33 in those two games, including 2-of-13 from 3-point land. He also had at least five turnovers in each game, which didn't help.

Still, I apologize Desmon Farmer.  It wasn't supposed to be this way - not for us.  Either way, I hope if we ever reunite, we'll be able to be Friends. Forever.