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Hasheem Thabeet's D-League Debut: A Liveblog & Preview

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I joked earlier on Twitter today that I was going to change the name of Ridiculous Upside to Hasheem ThaBlog, but apparently the legal team declined that.  Regardless, I'll be your one-stop source for all Thabeet information during his assignment.

As is the case with all D-League games, you can watch Memphis Grizzlies Hasheem Thabeet's debut with the Dakota Wizards versus the Erie BayHawks live here.  It's probably one of the worst feeds in the D-League, but I don't think it'll be hard to tell that Thabeet is the 7-foot-3 dude that, if not skill-wise, is at least literally head and shoulder's above the competition.

As I previewed in my match-up's post, he won't have an easy assignment tonight:

Tonight in Erie, he'll face the duo of 6-foot-11, 300 pound behemoth John Bryant and former Georgia Tech bigman Alade Aminu, both of which are on NBA radars and also have a considerable amount of upside (Aminu's could even be described as 'ridiculous').  If Thabeet dominates offensively, it'll shock me, and not just because I know Thabeet's what some call 'terrible' when it comes to his 'offense'.  Erie is ranked second in the D-League in least points allowed per team defensive possession (1.029 pts/poss allowed) and first in the D-League in lowest 2-point FG% allowed on defense at just 47.0%.

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