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Ross Siler Reports If Utah Jazz Go D-League Route, It Could Be ANYBODY

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The Jazz haven't sat down to talk about candidates, but what's so intriguing is that they could really go with anybody. A big man might be preferable, but the Jazz also could opt for a wing. They won't add a fourth point guard, however.

Jazz general manager Kevin O'Connor wants a player with experience, but that's not necessarily a 10-year veteran. The Jazz would likely somebody who could help them on the court, but most importantly they don't want to mess with their chemistry.

When they do make a signing, it could be a name out of nowhere. The Jazz aren't just looking at points and rebounds and measurements as they're also trying to identify guys with toughness and guys who are team players.

It's going to be the first list in history in which everyone from Zydrunas Ilgauskas to Othyus Jeffers from the D-League's Iowa Energy is expected to be considered. Two names that could be on the final short list are expected to be Mikki Moore and Rob Kurz.

It's probably well known that of sports journalists in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area, Ross Siler has become my favorite.

This is not just because he sometimes tweets about me, but because he actively keeps an eye on the D-League beat and puts out great reports like the one I've excerpted above, detailing the Jazz' front office thought process as they decide who to bring in as their 13th man (they have until March 4, if my calculations are correct, to fill the mandated spot that was vacated when the Jazz traded away Ronnie Brewer).  There aren't many main stream media members that are familiar with the D-League enough to namedrop Othyus Jeffers (and know he's a credible candidate if the call-up is based on toughness), so I've got to give him a lot of props.

Knowing that the Jazz call-up prospects are essentially wide open, I'm hoping only that they look to the D-League. Instead of retreading a veteran like Mikki Moore, it'd be nice to see a guy on the rise and using the development to, ya know, develop, such as Rob Kurz.  And since Siler specifically mentions Kurz, expect an in-depth scouting report about him to come soon.

Anybody else you'd suggest specifically for the Jazz?  With recent call-ups and buyouts, our current rankings are in a bit of a flux.