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Joey Dorsey Cut By Sacramento Kings - Character Issues the Issue

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The Sacramento Kings decided they'd had enough of Joey Dorsey, as they cut the Dwight Howard of the D-League with eight games left to go in their lottery-bound season.

The internet was aghast with such news, but then Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski summed it up rather succinctly:

Kings cut Joey Dorsey largely for clownish behavior, source says. They don't consider him bad guy, but coaches feared his act rubbing off.

Artestify from Sactown Royalty expounds a bit in the comments of the StR story, saying Kings play-by-play man Grant Napear apparently mentioned on his talk show that Dorsey "said something to the effect of 'why am i practicing if i'm not gonna play' and then something that Grant couldn't even repeat...."

For a player that is already 26 and in just his second professional basketball season, off-the-court issues are probably the last thing the already undersized (6-foot-6 without shoes) power forward needs.

Unfortunately for Dorsey, this isn't the first time his mouth has got him into trouble. 

In the 2008 Summer League, Joey Dorsey was ejected from a game for jawing with Dee Brown, even though Dorsey was a DNP!  The NBA has done an excellent job of hiding the evidence (there isn't a youtube clip available), but Odenized has us covered.

What's next for Dorsey?

  • He could sign with the D-League, I guess, but that's a bit futile at this stage in the game.  Next season is always a possibility, though.
  • He could try to latch on with an NBA team looking for an inside defensive presence, though he'd be ineligible for the playoffs and the Bucks have already added Darnell Jackson - leaving one less possible suitor. 
  • He could just sit at home and wait for a Summer League invite.  They'll be there.
  • Last, and possibly the best option, he could head overseas to make some money where he can talk as much as he wants as long as he goes to a team where nobody else understands him.

What do you think would be the best option?