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NBA D-League All-Star Rosters Announced

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They'll need to replace Sundiata Gaines and Joey Dorsey (as of right now) and Ron Howard isn't currently on a D-League roster (released due to injury), but he could be back by All-Star weekend.  This means there are a few spots that could change ("replacements, if necessary, will be announced in the days leading up to the game"), but the gist of the D-League All-Stars was announced today.

As far as I can tell, Bakersfield, Dakota, LA and Reno didn't have anybody make the team.  Those teams didn't really have anyone overly deserving of the honor, but I wouldn't mind if the D-League made an attempt to have every team be represented, if not in the all-star game, than the 3-point/dunk contest. 

Also, if it truly was fan voting, how did Reno's Rod Benson not make it?  He's not having the greatest season, but I assume everyone that doesn't heavily follow the D-League voted for him based on his name alone.  Hell, looking at our ballots awhile ago, we even voted for Benson.

After the jump, the full teams.  Aside from Alade Aminu and maybe Alonzo Gee, I don't think I have any issues with the players chosen.


Pos.        Player (Team)                                           Ht.       Wt.      Birthdate            College

G            Morris Almond (Springfield)                     6-5       210      2/2/1985             Rice

G            Ron Howard (Fort Wayne) *                      6-5       200      11/14/1982         Valparaiso

G            Curtis Stinson (Iowa)                                 6-3       215      2/15/1983           Iowa State

G            Reggie Williams (Sioux Falls)                 6-6       210      9/14/1986           VMI

F             Alade Aminu (Erie)                                    6-10     235      9/14/1987           Georgia Tech.

F             Trey Gilder (Maine)                                   6-9       185      1/24/1985           Northwestern State

F             Rob Kurz (Fort Wayne)                             6-9       230      3/5/1985             Notre Dame

F             Cartier Martin (Iowa)                                 6-7       220      11/20/1984         Kansas State

C             Alexis Ajinca (Maine)                                7-0       220      5/6/1988             St. Etienne, France

C             Earl Barron (Iowa)                                    6-11     230      8/14/1981           Memphis

               Head Coach: Nick Nurse (Iowa)

               Assistant Coach: Nate Bjorkgren (Iowa)


Pos.        Player (Team)                                           Ht.       Wt.      Birthdate            College

G            Antonio Anderson (Rio Grande Valley)    6-6       215      6/5/1985             Memphis

G            Sundiata Gaines (Idaho) #                         6-1       195      4/18/1986           Georgia

G            Dontell Jefferson (Utah)                            6-5       190      12/15/1983         Arkansas

G            Mustafa Shakur (Tulsa)                             6-3       190      8/18/1984           Arizona

F             Alonzo Gee (Austin)                                   6-6       220      5/29/1987           Alabama

F             Mike Harris (Rio Grande Valley)              6-6       235      6/15/1983           Rice

F             Carlos Powell (Albuquerque)                  6-7       225      8/29/1983           South Carolina

F             Anthony Tolliver (Idaho )#                        6-9       240      6/1/1985             Creighton

C             Joey Dorsey (Rio Grande Valley)#         6-9       265      12/16/1983         Memphis

C             Dwayne Jones (Austin)                           6-11     250      6/9/1983             St. Joseph's (PA)

               Head Coach: Chris Finch (Rio Grande Valley)

               Assistant Coach: Paul Mokeski (Rio Grande Valley)

* - Indicates an injured player

# - Indicates a player currently in the NBA