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D-League Dunk Contest Contestants Announced!

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The D-League announced their participants for Dream Factory Friday Night this afternoon.

As expected, it's probably going to be awesome, and once again, better than the NBA's.

Contestants for the dunk contest include:

  • Tony Danridge is the reigning champion of the NCAA Slam Dunk Contest and current Albuquerque Thunderbird.
  • Deron Washington of the Tulsa 66ers is a former Pistons 2nd-round pick and prolific practice dunker.
  • Current Boston Celtic and former Maine Red Claw Bill Walker's dunks make Brian Scalabrine do weird things.
  • Dar Tucker must have a good agent, because I would've rather seen Joe Alexander or Raymond Sykes or even former LA D-Fender Sun Yue throw it down. Still, the Chucker can dunk.

For the 3-point shootout, Chris Alpert apparently showed his bias and didn't choose Ryan Forehan-Kelly. He did choose the following ballers (if he chooses these guys, I don't know, but gpralph apparently believes he does, so we'll go with it):