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Mike Harris! Rod Benson! It's RGV vs Reno (almost) Live on VERSUS!

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Consider this an open thread(Jokez!)/preview for tonight's VERSUS game of the week.

Hopefully Thurl Bailey doesn't anoint anyone as Dwight Howard-like like last week because Bryson McKenzie, nor anyone else in the D-League, is like Dwight Howard.

  • Basically, watch to see Rod "Boom Tho" Benson.
  • And Mike Harris, who has already called-up this season
  • And Antonio Anderson, the glue guy for Memphis who has now added 'capable scorer' to 'defensive stopper'
  • And Garrett Temple, who nearly made the Rockets this preseason
  • And Jonathan Wallace, just because I liked him at Georgetown
  • And Will Blalock, former Detroit Piston
  • And Desmon Farmer, because he scores a lot
  • And Doug Thomas, because he used to be a crazy dunker
  • And Cezary Trybanski, because, well, he's Cezary Trybanski.
  • And maybe D.J. Strawberry, who I believe is injured, but may be healthy by now.
  • For additional story-lines, Matthew L. Brennan breaks it down here.