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Latavious Williams Went Off Again Last Night In The D-League

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If I were a Wheel of Fortune puzzle writer (are those puzzles? Or what do you call them), the above headline would be a "Before & After."  See, I reference Wheel of Fortune - this is how you can tell that I'm still pretty hip.


There weren't any highlights uploaded for last night's games, so here's Latavious Williams dunking in high school two years ago.

Tulsa 66ers 101, Los Angeles DFenders 100 (Box Score)

  • Latavious Williams was at it again, scoring 15 points and 13 boards in 34 minutes of action.  Ever since Jonathan Givony sang his praises he's been on a tear, averaging 12.7 points and nine boards while shooting 62% from the field.  I watched this game and the thing that stood out to me most is his motor.  I know, I know, that's a tired cliche, but he's really got a great motor!  Here's what I mean, via a tweet from some kewl dude named RUBasketball: "Latavious Williams just was stuffed on a putback dunk, got his own rebound, missed, got his own rebound, dribbled out, turnover, steal, DUNK".  I mean that show his issues (missing two shots, turning the ball over), but it also shows his determination.
  • Mustafa Shakur had a game that didn't really live up to my expectations: 21 points on 8-of-15 shooting, but four turnovers compared to just three assists.  I mean he still led the team to a victory and led the team in assists, so it wasn't terrible, but it could have been better.
  • Deron Washington with an afro is the reason he's winning Friday night's D-League dunk contest.  Also, I'm really intrigued by him playing in the post (without Chris Richard and a newly acquired Rodney Webb who isn't all that good, they're bigman starved).  His athleticism isn't as useful down in the low block, but he showed a nice little drop step that could be useful in a pinch.  Anyway, Washington finished with 16 points, eight boards, four assists and three steals off the bench, leaving me rather impressed.
  • Cecil Brown had quite the game going early, scoring 10 points in 14 minutes minutes of playing time.  However, according to my sources, "he slipped on a wet spot and rolled his ankle badly. It is very doubtful he will play Wednesday against the Defenders."  I guess if he's out, they'd have to go big and start Washington at the 2.
  • Someday I'm going to tell you how much I love Marcus Lewis.
  • For LA, Joe Crawford led the way by scoring 22 points and picking up two steals and two blocks.  Now that he's finally healthy, I'd like to assume he'll soon be on the call-up radar again, but he isn't there yet.
  • Frank "Big Bank" Robinson, as I'm told he's referred to (and not Frank "The Tank") had a pretty good game, even though his shooting was pretty off (2-of-8 from the field).  Anyway, Robinson finished with 11 points, a game high nine assists (triangle offense, baybee) and four steals.  I'd also like to point out that he would have had at least 12 assists if his teammates could hit open jumpers, but then, he'd have had more points if he could hit open jumpers.
  • Diamon Simpson had 11 points and 11 boards before fouling out, but didn't look all that impressive doing it.
  • Dar Tucker played just over ten minutes, his third-lowest playing time all season.  He'd be the same player elsewhere, but of the guys that probably need to get traded, Tucker's on that list.  He's not that bad, and the team is apparently moving on. (Jon's note)
  • Ryan Forehan-Kelly was moved to the bench.  Apparently, like Chris Alpert, Chucky Brown is out to get him as well.

And, I just noticed Jon L did recaps tonight as well!  Awesome.  I don't want to delete this, so I'll insert the other game that he recapped here.

Just two games last night, but 11 technical fouls were called between them.  That's as normally as many as you would see in...well, three D-League games.  Somewhat surprisingly, only one name from Scott's post about technicals appeared in either of these games (it rhymes with Nick Buchert).

Austin Toros 132, Springfield Armor 101 (Box Score)

  • Hey!  Austin's bench decided to participate!  I've ragged on them a lot this season, but yesterday the Toros' reserve unit contributed a combined 43 points, 10 rebounds, 12 assists and four steals.  That should happen every game, but with even more rebounding, if possible.
  • Here's a list of everyone who got a technical foul in this game: Curtis Jerrells, Abdulai Jalloh, Dante Milligan, Dee Brown (ejected), Roderick Riley (ejected), Marcus Campbell.  Guh.  Oh, and Kentrell Gransberry fouled out in less than 15 minutes, but that's business as usual.
  • Squeaky Johnson had three turnovers, and I couldn't even remember the last time he had that many.  I had to look it up, and it was December 15.  He doesn't always play a ton of minutes, but it's nice to have a backup PG like that.
  • With Gransberry in foul trouble and TJ Cummings getting the dreaded DNP, the Armor had almost no inside presence.  Witness that Austin shot almost 62 percent from the field but under 30 percent from outside.  The Toros were getting to the rim pretty much whenever.