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Celtics' Bill Walker Says No Thanks to D-League Dunking.

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Earlier today, the NBA Development League announced their contestants for the D-League dunk contest.

They forgot to announce this to the participants, however.

Bill Walker, who was assigned to the Maine Red Claws from the Boston Celtics earlier this season, apparently had no idea he was supposed to be dunking for the D-League.

Walker told Julian Benbow of the Boston Globe that he had no interest in the D-League Dunk contest - in no uncertain terms:

He was told by Celtics PR man Brian Olive that in order to go, he'd have to be sent back down to NBDL Maine.

He wasn't interested.

"I'm trying to go home to see my mom," he said. "It's like the NIT, I don't want to do it."

Umm, okay then.  Sorry, Billy - we understand.

Still, I have to wonder what the D-League was planning with this considering the current front page of the D-League site still has this picture, featuring Walker quite prominently.  Did they just hope if they announced he was going to do it, he'd show up and dunk?

More important question - Who will replace him?  Might I suggest Ryan Forehan-Kelly? For my actual suggestion, JUMP!

If putting Joe Alexander in the D-League dunk contest doesn't make sense, I'm not sure what does.  People know his dunking abilities just as well as Bill Walker's and he was a first round draft pick so the name recognition should be there.

Plus he's, you know, actually currently in the D-League.