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Last night in the D-League... a Community Building Exercise

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...Six games happened.

Typically, I'd type you an in-depth recap which would bring two comments, one of which being I should have mentioned Ryan Forehan-Kelly more.

But not today.

I'm no longer recapping games and instead brainstorming on how to build a community like we had last season.  You know, a nice happy family that could generate 365 comments on a Tuesday night in April.  Look at that, dear readers, and tell me what we need to do to get back to those glorious evenings - How we can stop all the concrete from gettin' p-poured into good land, if you will.

FYI, until I figure this out, expect me to be as belligerent as a notified-a-week-before-fighting-an-overhyped-professional-wrestler Wes Sims.

In case you do come here for recaps, check this out for box scores and what not then tell me what happened last night in the comments. 

It can be our first community building exercise.