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NBA Draft Lottery Odds, Now In Pretty Pie Chart Format

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Brought to you by the wonderful <a href="" target="new">Golden State of Mind</a>.
Brought to you by the wonderful Golden State of Mind.

The Draft Lottery is Tuesday and I'm sure everybody is so excited, but they might not have the clearest idea of what odds their team has to get the John Wall/Evan Turner of the draft.

No worries because Golden State of Mind is here to save the day.

Sleepy Freud put this self-explanatory pie chart together depicting each team's 2010 NBA Draft Lottery odds.

Here's a brief explanation from the fan post, but I encourage you go over and read the whole interesting story while giving him a pat on the back (and the input he's looking for):

Personally, I think looking at the odds in this form allows a depth, breadth, and speed of understanding that a simple spreadsheet doesn't. I think that the spatial comparison of odds reads more clearly than a numerical one; that the hot-to-cool color range gives a quick-and-dirty sense of "good pick" v. "bad pick;" and that the pie chart shows clearly that each team's odds at picking in various slots, must, by definition, total one (which seems obvious enough, but some GSoM old-timers may remember some rather heated debates on the subject). Anyway, I'm curious to hear what others think. Are the pies any clearer than the spreadsheet? Less clear? Funner and more colorful, but not really any different?