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NBA Draft Lottery 2010: It's Today

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The 2010 NBA Draft Lottery will be held tonight. You already knew that. What you might not have known (because I didn't and had to ask Twitter) is that it will be televised on ESPN beginning at 8:00 PM Eastern (Thanks, Aykis16 from Sactown Royalty!).

Anyway, before I get into links and stuff, I encourage you to go win yourself from free stuff just by commenting on this post (The odds are pretty good right now).

Also be sure to check back to the handy chart from the Golden State of Mind crew because, if you're like me, you like looking at pretty informative things - especially if they're pretty and informative.

That should get you started. I'll add more in the morning.

UPDATE: Trey Kerby pretty much cornered the market on everything else you need to know.

Also, is there any interest in this being an open thread/live blog? Holla atcha boi (in the comments)!